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Orkeeswa School is looking for an experienced educator to lead our Academic Program. 


The Academic Coordinator is a key leadership role at Orkeeswa School and is responsible for overseeing academic programming, particularly as it relates to the Tanzanian National Curriculum (NECTA). The Academic Coordinator’s key responsibility is to maximize our students’ learning within the NECTA curriculum and improve performance on National Exams. Responsibilities include:


  • Execute all NECTA registration requirements

  • Collaborate with Head of School, School Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Committee, and Heads of Departments to develop and execute strategies to improve student learning of NECTA content and performance on National Exams

  • Oversee monthly exam preparation, delivery and reporting

    • Work with teachers individually to improve the quality of monthly exams

    • Work with members of the Teaching and Learning Committee, as well as Class Teachers, to analyze and interpret monthly exam results

  • Keep organized records of all academic data

  • Analyze National Exam results

  • Collaborate with Class Teachers to identify students in need of extra-help or enrichment opportunities

  • Coordinate and design extra-help offerings

  • Develop and implement strategies for improving students’ study skills

  • Ensure all members of the academic teaching staff are effectively delivering the NECTA curriculum

    • Review Plan of Study and Scheme of Work with each academic teacher on a regular basis

    • Collaborate with School Coordinator on Professional Development strategy

    • Observe lessons and follow up with teachers for feedback  

  • Oversee the availability and proper use of academic resources including books, laboratory equipment, etc.

  • Oversee the preparation of teacher timetables each semester

  • Oversee students’ application processes to Tanzanian universities


Orkeeswa School is looking for a motivated and creative leader who can join our Leadership Team and make both an immediate and a long-term impact on our Academic Program. The Academic Coordinator should meet the following expectations:

  • Bachelors or Masters degree in Education

  • Have 5+ years of experience as a teacher within the NECTA curriculum

  • Have 2+ years of leadership experience

  • Demonstrate an excellent record of competency as a teacher and as a student within the NECTA curriculum

  • Demonstrate written and verbal fluency in the English language

  • Demonstrate confidence with computer skills

  • Have excellent communication skills

  • Be able to execute daily tasks as needed while simultaneously accomplishing long-term goals

  • Communicate effectively under pressure

  • Excellent managerial skills

  • Flexible and creative

  • Demonstrate a growth mindset and willingness to learn and teach new teaching methodologies

  • Demonstrate a willingness to collaborate with a diverse team of educators from different parts of the world

  • Motivated to work at a community-based school in a rural environment

Please send your resume, cover letter and a list of references to info@ieftz.org

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