What is Orkeeswa School?

Orkeeswa School is a holistic, community-based secondary school located in Tanzania, East Africa. The school offers students the opportunity to develop critical and creative thinking skills while remaining deeply connected to their community. Our students live and learn within their village, allowing them to take their education home with them everyday and make an immediate impact on their families and community members.

Where is Orkeeswa School located?

Orkeeswa School is located in a rural Maasai community called Orkeeswa Village, which is part of the Monduli District, Arusha Region of northern Tanzania. Within Orkeeswa School’s catchment area of four villages, 78% of families live below the poverty line of less than $1.25/day. These communities face serious challenges when it comes to income, land and food security, and access to essential resources like water and quality healthcare. Most families support themselves through small subsistence farms where they grow maize and beans; raise cattle, goats, and chickens; and collect and sell firewood.

How many students attend Orkeeswa School?

270 students attend Orkeeswa School. Over 60% are girls with a vast majority of students from the Massai tribe.

Where do students of Orkeeswa School come from?

The school’s catchment area consists of four predominately Maasai villages, covering an area of approximately 32-square-kilometers, with a total population of over 10,000 individuals. We select our students from four government-run primary schools, which are some of the lowest performing schools in the country, with their National Exam results placing them as low as the bottom 15% of schools in Tanzania. Most of our students come from families who do not have the financial means to support them through their secondary education.

Through the highest-quality holistic education, we equip youth to become leaders in their communities. 

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