Orkeeswa Girls' Higher Education

The Orkeeswa Girls’ Higher Education Initiative provides holistic support for rural girls in Tanzania to obtain and excel in higher education. Severe gender discrimination, financial hurdles, and forced early marriage are among the most common barriers that restrict girls’ access to higher education in Tanzania. In a country where less than 1% of rural girls reach and complete the 12th grade¹ and even fewer complete university education², the Orkeeswa model disrupts this norm and creates a new reality for these young women. Specifically, this initiative includes:

  • Advanced Leadership Development Program: community service, innovation workshops, and entrepreneurship training to ensure that girls matriculate into Advanced-Level secondary school studies 

  • Advanced Level secondary school: scholarships, academic support, counseling and life skills education 

  • College Prep Program: equips recent Orkeeswa graduates with skills, resources and confidence to matriculate on to university

  • University education: scholarships, professional development, and life skills education

  • Orkeeswa Alumni Network: support, mentoring, and peer learning as girls pursue university education and beyond

Obtaining higher education has tangible impacts on girls’ lives, their families, and their communities. By investing in this program, the Impact Giving community has the opportunity to have a significant impact on these young women’s futures.

¹UNESCO. (2017, April 12). United Republic of Tanzania. UNICEF. Retrieved from http://uis.unesco.org/country/TZ

²UNESCO. (n.d.). World Inequality Database on Education, United Republic of Tanzania. Retrieved from https://www.education-inequalities.org/countries/united-republic-of-tanzania

Check out this video of 2020 Orkeeswa Graduate, Zainabu, to hear first-hand about the impacts of higher education on girls, their families and communities!

Program Impact

0619_Memusi Saibulu_Alumni_Maasai Dance_

“I always care about my culture, so whenever I come back home I think about what I should
do to preserve my culture, but also bring changes that are needed. I am not going to bring
the change myself. I am bringing what I learned and sharing it with my community so that
together we can gradually grow and be a better community without leaving our culture.”

- Memusi

Orkeeswa 2018 Graduate, African Leadership University Student

Read our latest annual report here!

Interested in supporting an Orkeeswa student education? Provide a scholarship here!

Through the highest-quality holistic education, we equip youth to become leaders in their communities. 

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