At Orkeeswa School, we empower our students to find their voices and to create constructive dialogue around critical issues in their community.  Orkeeswa Story Lab provides a platform for these student activists to build tangible skills in storytelling while exploring the complexity of these issues with a deeper sense of empathy and understanding.


Through film, photography, podcasts and more, student activists are equipped with the means necessary to speak up and speak out about the issues most important to them.


By facilitating local dialogue using their own work, students are empowered as local change makers who influence positive shifts in perceptions and behaviors. 


Students build technical skills in film making, photography, creative and journalistic writing, empathy building, dialogue facilitation, problem solving, project design, and more.


By sharing their work internationally, students serve as global ambassadors for their community, culture and country, overcoming bias and misconceptions. 



In a remote Maasai village in rural Tanzania, a young primary school girl is suddenly confronted by an arranged marriage. Written and produced by Orkeeswa students and staff. Host a screening or download the curriculum here.


An environmentalist in Orkeeswa Village, Tanzania, is trying to educate his community about the importance of protecting the natural environment. Filmed and edited entirely by Orkeeswa School students.

How we spoke up about child marriage | Naserian Mzee | TEDxMajengo

Naserian and her classmates decided they needed to stand up for girls' education and speak out against forced early marriage in Maasai culture. Watch her talk to find out how they did this.

The Importance of Girls' Empowerment | Sioni Mollel | Voices of Impact - SFF 2019

Sioni Mollel, Orkeeswa School graduate, speaks at the 2019 Segal Family Foundation Annual Meeting about her experience as a Maasai girl in Tanzania and the cultural roles for girls and women that she defied and continually seeks to defy for the benefit of girls all over the world.

Voices of Early Marriage

In rural Tanzania, young girls and women are often forced to marry early and drop out of school. Students discuss their experiences in the Orkeeswa Podcast Club. Written, recorded and produced by Orkeeswa students. 

The making of BLACK HEAD COW

Go behind the scenes of the award-winning short film BLACK HEAD COW and hear the student-filmmakers speak about the process of making the film and sharing it with their community. 

BILA FIMBO (Without a Stick)

In rural Tanzania, corporal punishment is common in primary schools. 10th Grader Veronica is using her Orkeeswa School education to change that by mentoring youth in her community. Filmed and edited entirely by Orkeeswa School students.

The Moth Presents: Memusi Saibulu

On the last day of her 7th grade school year, a Maasai girl is faced with marrying an elder man of her father’s choosing, and not continuing her beloved education.

Nickson | Presented by Elizabeth Nichols & Isaac Diebboll

Filmed when he was a secondary school student, Orkeeswa and Mkwawa University graduate and current Orkeeswa School teacher, Nickson, shares his perspective on love, what it means to him and its power in the world. Produced by Orkeeswa School and ENGN Civic Creative Center. 

The More Beautiful You Are

In Tanzania, lighter skin is often considered to be more beautiful than darker skin. This had led to the common but harmful practice of skin lightening. Students discuss their experiences in the Orkeeswa Podcast Club. Written, recorded and produced by Orkeeswa students. 

A Day in the Life at Orkeeswa School

Orkeeswa School graduate, Agnes, and current Orkeeswa student, Amina, share a story from a day in the life as an Orkeeswa student.

Through the highest-quality holistic education, we equip youth to become leaders in their communities. 

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